Socializing is a part of the society that helps us learn different perspective and creating new connections. It is not always about making others laugh. Socializing is a method of presenting yourself in front of everyone. You can hang out with your partner or friends, or practice communication with your colleagues to stay socially active. There is nothing bad or special about being an introvert and spending the weekends alone to relax, but socializing is a method of working out your brain to keep it open to new learnings and ideas. Here are some tips to become social in day to day life that may help you.

Have a reason

Do not push yourself too hard to socialize, or you may end up making an awkward conversation. It can be embarrassing to a level that even you may find it funny. Instead of trying to socialize all the time, you can find a reason to communicate with people first. Only when you are looking forward to meeting a person or join them in an event, you should be thinking about socializing. If socializing does not bring you any joy, then there is no reason for you to attempt it.

Break the ice

It is easy for an extrovert to make small talks. They can think of hundreds of topics to talk about, and most of them are repetitive. According to research by professor Bernardo Carducci, it is common among people to feel shy or pointless, making small talks. However, it is the only way to start an easy conversation with someone while getting to know more about their nature and life. Small talks is an art that people should learn to socialize.


Be a listener

You do not have to be the person who is talking in a conversation. Like we mentioned above, socializing is to make your comfortable, and if a conversation is taking more energy from you, then it is not worth it. Become an active listener and develop curiosity in what they are talking about. Do not be eager to put your points first. Try to ask them a few questions in-between to show that you are interested. It will help you find genuine people who would listen to you carefully when you have something to say.

Make a date

The best way to enjoy your social life is to find yourself a date. There are plenty of social networking and dating apps available. When you get comfortable talking to them over the phone, plan your date and meet in real to spend quality time outside. You can also talk over video calls to have a vocal conversation instead of typing long texts. If you are not comfortable going outside, you can invite them to your home to hang out. Plan a few things in advance like ordering some food and selecting a good movie, if you are planning to date at home.