The demand for solar hot water heaters in Australia has been rising in the last few decades. If you live in Indooroopilly, you must have noticed that most new homes have these water heater systems. But why is the demand for solar hot water heater systems rising?

Well, there are many factors informing homeowners to go for these hot water systems. If you are still pondering whether to install one or not, we’ve compelling reasons why you should. Here are the main factors causing a rise in demand for solar water heaters in Australia.

solar hot water system

Available Sunshine

Australia enjoys a lot of sunshine almost year-round. The Aussie weather is sunny, which makes it ideal for the solar hot water system. If you live in Brisbane suburbs like Kenmore, you know how hot this place can get. You will probably need the back-up system during winter if the sun is weak.

So, if you need solar hot water systems installation in suburbs like Indooroopilly, contact Hot Water Brisbane for top quality plumbing at an affordable price. You’ll get constant hot water supply almost year-round. When the cold winter comes, and the sun is weak, you can switch to electric mode. So, the availability of sunshine is a factor fuelling the demand for these water heaters.


Today, every one of us has experienced the impact of environmental degradation. We now know how pollution is impacting our lives. We now understand that global warming is why we had intense bushfires lately. The level of desertification in Australia is also worrying. All because of global warming.

hot shower using a solar hot water system

Electric and gas hot water heaters are big contributors to global warming. That’s because of high energy burning. For every litre of hot water from these systems, you add carbon to the atmosphere. But with a solar hot water heater system, you will reduce your carbon footprint by a huge margin. That’s how you make the planet safer. So, planet conservation is also causing a rise in demand for solar water heaters. We’ve seen a similar shift even in our whitegoods with the demand for fridges with built-in water filters on the rise as people look to reduce waste from plastic bottles. According to the experts from Discount Fridge Filters they’ve seen a 100% growth year on year of filter uptake in new homes.


We are all looking for ways we can cut the cost of living without compromising comfort. And that’s what solar hot water heater system provides. These are quite affordable appliances, especially when it comes to running them. The initial installation cost might be high, but the running is lower compared to the gas and electric models.

Note that the highest part of your energy bills is usually the water heater systems. If you can remove it from your energy bills, then more 30 per cent of your bill will be saved. Note that if you have to use electricity at night, it will be during off-peak hours, hence it will cost you less. So, homeowners looking for affordability are going for solar hot water heaters.

Compatibility with Electric System

The major set-back of a solar hot water heater system had been the lack of sunlight at night. But that’s no longer a problem with the modern solar hot water heaters. The modern systems can be powered with a backed-up solar power or from the grid. So, when the night comes in, you can use the stored power to heat the water. You can also connect the water heater to the grid electricity.

solar hot water system on top of a building

The compatibility makes the modern solar hot water heater systems highly efficient. You will not have to worry about a cold shower in the morning, and you can use electricity to heat water. So, compatibility with other energy sources is increasing the demand for these water heaters.

Low Maintenance Cost

The low cost of maintenance is another reason for the rising demand for solar hot water heaters in Australia. The cost of maintaining HVAC is one of the biggest problems for most homeowners. Once have the solar unit plumbing work complete, there will be very little wear and tear. So, the cost of maintaining the water heating system is quite low.

That’s not the same with electric and gas hot water heaters. In these systems, you need to keep replacing the heating element and pilot. This means spending a lot of money to keep the water heater running. These costs will rarely occur in a solar hot water heater system. That’s what homeowners are looking for.

Extended Lifespan

When investing in a hot water heater, the useful life of the system is crucial. You need to invest in a system that lasts for a longer time. That’s how you get value for money. For the electric and gas hot water heaters, they have a higher rate of wear and tear. The heating components wear out very fast.

hot water in a bathtub powered by a solar water heater

For the solar hot water heaters, the system is almost static once it’s installed. There are no moving parts or heat components, and thus the rate of wear and tear is very low. So, you can expect your water heating system to last for a longer time than other alternatives. The extended lifespan of the unit is another factor causing a rise in demand.x

Perfect for Small Homes

The cost of a house in Australia is rising every day. To cut this cost, most people in Australia are buying small houses that suit their needs. That’s why we no longer see many large houses being built in Taringa and most neighbourhoods. With a small house design, everything you bring must take up less space. That’s what you get from a solar hot water heater system.

solar hot water system installed in house roof

Solar thermal panels are installed on the roof, a space that’s rarely used. The number of these panels is also small and won’t take much space. The tank is also not big. To maximise small space, most homeowners are going for solar hot water heaters.

If you were wondering whether to install a solar hot water heater, now you can make an informed decision. There are many reasons why your home will do best with a solar hot water heater system. Work with a solar hot water heater specialist to get the right unit for your home.