November 2020


Social media has done an amazing job in enhancing the many aspects of communication by widening our reach and helping us get connected with several people. Due to that, it has always been an essential part of our lives as we spend way more time in front of our phones when compared to any other activity. But should that be the only thing that we do? Shouldn’t there be something beyond social media? Well, if you’re looking for an answer, then it is a clear yes, but if you’re looking for an explanation, then go ahead and read the following.

Widen the Level of Comfort

Going beyond our comfort and communicating with people is the right way to socialise rather than spending a day in front of a screen. A face to face communication tends to help you understand the individual in a clear cut manner, and you will gain a lot from that process. Moreover, since social media also forms a ground for misinformation and fake accounts, going beyond the same also stands to be a safer alternative.

Discover Life

Life is not all about posting a couple of photos and informing your followers about how cool you look or how great you are. It is more about exploring and raising your chances of experiencing something for the very first time. By doing so, you can develop as an individual and break the walls that force you to stay within a particular room. The level of understanding and knowledge that you will gain from this process goes way beyond anything that you would have expected.

A Stable Mental Health

Achieving a stable and a proper state of mind is something that has been turned down into an impossible task. As people are trying to cope with all that life places forward, they find each day to be harder than the previous one. But does that mean we give up? Well, no. Trying with the sign of hope is the right way to move forward, and by all means, we need to give it a try. Moving away from regular social media habits to incorporate something new tends to be an essential part of trying to bring back a stable state of mind.

Mental Health

Understand the True Meaning of Fun

The definition of the term fun tends to be different for everyone as the understanding of life is not the same for all. But the definition also comes forward with a wide number of activities that are not only restricted to social media. When you think about the same, your mind will pop up with over a dozen answers as to how you can spend the day. Hence, for a change, consider something other than social media.